Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Networking Nirvana

Everyone knows that you need to network to get a job these days. But what exactly does that mean--and how can you do it without sounding needy?

  • What the best networkers do; whether you are in a face-to-face gathering, or connecting virtually, here are some principles that will make you appear like a quality contact that others want to know and help (rather than a pest)

  • For a more scientific discussion of how to be a great networker, check out this post. If you're a mad scientist, you could perhaps concoct a way to administer a cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine to a prospective employer talking with you--powerful neurotransmitters that tell human beings to feel all warm and fuzzy about someone in their presence. But if you can't (either because it's unethical or because it's beyond your chemistry skills), you can still engineer a similar effect with these strategies to get people to like you.

  • A bird's eye overview of what networking is--click through the links to get more detailed information and suggestions about each of the topics, and how to do them gracefully.

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