Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is Your Online Presence Naked?

This article is written for academics. It doesn't really describe my mindset as I look at the credentials of potential faculty. 

But I will admit to having googled candidates to get a general "feel" for who they are. And yes, I do find it irritating if I find "only tax records or a number in the white pages." That means I have to do more digging. 

I don't (as the HR professional who wrote this piece says she does) get suspicious that the person I'm googling has done a purge of objectionable material. Maybe I need to change that mindset...

Nevertheless, consider manicuring and curating your online presence. What do people find when they search for you?

One thing to consider: If you have a common name--if your name really is "Jane Doe" or "John Smith"--consider dropping in at least a middle initial (if not a complete middle name) to keep your profile distinctive. 

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