Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Defusing Generation Gap Misimpressions

There's a generation gap. (Duh!)

You see yourself as talented, competent, and just needing a break to prove yourself. You've gotten your degree, you've worked at grunt jobs to pay your rent and part of your tuition, and now  you're ready to launch.

But what does your prospective employer see? Sadly, there are preconceived notions that come from the other side of the table. And it's your job to counteract the misimpressions before they can tank your job search.

  • Who you think you are, and who prospective employers think you are. Wow--some serious differences, some in your favor, and some not. Learn what you need to do to fight misimpressions about GenY applicants for jobs.

  • The staff editor for Beyond.com gives a run-down (a rant?) about how newly graduated job-seekers shoot themselves in their collective feet.

  • Ways to talk about your employment as a warehouse monkey, a waiter or waitress, or other "pay the rent" jobs you may have held while you were in college, or that you may need to hold once you're a newly minted graduate. These jobs can be couched in some pretty impressive-sounding terms.

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