Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Infographic and Feminist Commentary

Here's a pretty infographic jam-packed with information:

You not only get statistics on who is unemployed and where, but information that will help you tailor your job search and career development.

For example: did you know that "100% of employers find it acceptable to negotiate job offers"? And that 90% of them will low-ball you on their first offer, because they expect you to come back with a slightly higher counter-offer?

I don't know what the statistics are--but women in particular are trained to avoid negotiating. Why is it that when we get a job offer, we throw ourselves on our knees and clasp our hands together in thanks--for even thinking to hire us, much less asking for more than was initially offered? And why do you think men get paid more than we do?

Don't leave it to a hair-coloring and makeup commercial (L'Oréal) to tell you "you're worth it"!

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