Friday, October 25, 2013

Networking as a Science

Networking is an art, of course--engaging others, offering them solutions, finding a great mix of people who may be in a position to return a favor in the eventual future.

But there's a deliberate set of calculations that can help sharpen your network's effectiveness.

First, consider the mix of people; Harvard Business Review suggests a ratio of 2 insiders and one outsider. In other words, cultivate relationships with people who have various perspectives on a given company, field of inquiry, or other parameters of your job search. Read more here:

Second, understand that people you don't know well may be exactly the people who can refer you to a great job--because they don't run in exactly the same circles you and your friends inhabit. The key to getting these folks to help you is "tie activation." Read more here:

Finally, it is never too early to get on LinkedIn and start cultivating a network! LinkedIn has dropped its minimum age requirement to 14, so you certainly won't stick out as one of the youngest people anymore. And you can get your feet wet by connecting with other students, with your professors, and with your parents and their friends. Read more at

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