Friday, October 18, 2013

What You Should Know about MS Office

No, I don't mean "office" as in a physical place. Rather, the suite of software programs by Microsoft that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Microsoft has pretty much captured the market--just about everyone uses this suite of software.

If some of the features in the above-linked article read like Greek--you might want to brush up.

Now, to be completely honest--the link above refers you to a for-pay set of online course offerings. They're not unreasonably priced; I'm not recommending them, or suggesting you avoid them.

But remember: you are at Niagara University! That means you have access to Microsoft Office software on the university's computers--no need to purchase it (and it does cost a pretty chunk o' change) or figure out if your computer has the power to run it. And I'm sure you can find people, study-groups, even courses on campus to help you hone your skills and abilities. If you want me to track down the right fit for you--just ask!

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