Friday, October 4, 2013

Will This Be On the Exam?

Q: College and Real Life--what's the difference?

A: In Real Life, you can't ask "will this be on the exam?" Because it will. Pay attention.

Five things that you are (or should be) learning in college that will build a foundation for the rest of your life.

Don't think that you will somehow magically morph into a brand-new person when you walk across the stage to accept your diploma. You will still be the same person, with the same set of strengths and weaknesses. The only difference will be which "muscles" you chose to exercise (or neglect) while you were here at NU.

Consider writing for the NU Index!

Here's an article that suggests the benefits you'll get before you graduate: social and time-management skills, a chance to make change on your campus, and increased flexibility in your writing style.

Another very good reason: even if you only contribute a handful of articles, you are establishing a track record you can include on your resume, showing that you are engaged in the community around you, that you have something to say that others want to hear, and that you know how to string your thoughts together into a meaningful, appealing read.

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