Monday, October 29, 2012

Stalking the Wild Job-Listings

Here's a really good "how to, and why" for finding specialized job boards. 

Technology has created Monster... the job board Monster, as well as the concept of the monster, an overly-bloated mega-board where everybody posts job openings for a gazillion things you are probably neither interested in nor qualified for. The result is that using online resources to find job openings is like looking for a dollhouse-sized needle in a gigantic haystack.

This article gives you a starting formula you can plug into Google or the search engine of your choice, and some suggestions on how to fish around until you get a satisfying set of returns. You can look for job openings through portals that are much more finely tuned.

Of course, you should also visit the Career Center at Niagara University, or network through professional organizations you belong to, or consult your alumni network, to find similarly fine-tuned ways to tackle your career search.

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