Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time Management for Job Seekers

I've been trying to post content in my blog that offers innovative strategies to getting a job for English majors graduating from college. I've included material on where to look, how to contact, what to say.

Here's another piece of the puzzle: when to do it. That is, how to set up your day, your week, your month so that you feel like you're moving forward--and don't succumb to the blahs.

Along a similar line, here's a great podcast from Harvard Business Review about treating your career like a political campaign. It's a timely metaphor, of course, what with the November 6 elections looming ahead. The basic analogy is "elected to political office" = "hired for a job."

At this point, the HBR discussion is only in audio podcast, just shy of 20 minutes. (You can listen online or download as a podcast.) However, a transcript is promised by October 12.

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