Friday, October 19, 2012

Broad Horizons

In the blogosphere of "how to get ready for a career," much of the advice is tightly focused on the grunt-work: spending time proofreading your resume, networking with job-connections in the back of your mind (if not actually on the tip of your tongue), and sweating the small stuff.

That's why I recommend this blog post--about doing fun stuff.

Human beings are hardwired to learn, and to enjoy learning. (That doesn't mean they all respond with joy to a college Calculus class at 8 a.m. with happiness--learning comes in many forms.) Here are some tips and challenges that may be far more relevant to your career-search than you might have thought!

While you're at it, here's some reading recommended by Harvard Business Review; they're a bit more directly targeted toward career and leadership, but the descriptions make them sound like "good reads" as well as valuable ones:

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