Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Present Yourself as a Student

Really good point in the item linked above. You may have had spectacular success as a student. You may have a great GPA, know how to format MLA as well as APA, have good SAT scores and even better GREs and LSATs...

But if you put that on your resume or in your cover letter when you graduate, all employers will see is GPA3.9MLAAPASAT1400GRE800VLSAT.

In short, prospective employers don't speak Academese. Read this article to figure out how to translate your lovely, high-falutin' academic accomplishments into something that employers can understand.

PS: Don't let the negative comments about campus career centers in the linked article fool you. Niagara's career center folks are far more savvy than to let you walk out the door with a half-baked resume.

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