Monday, October 22, 2012

Cloud Service, Internship

Here's a two-fer posting.

Part 1:

I received an email from Mr. Terry Koh ( advertising CaptureToCloud for group projects. This is a freemium service--you can get basic "good-enough" storage and usage space for free. If you like the service and become a heavy user, you can subscribe for a monthly fee. I've checked out the fee structure and the comparison; it seems legit. 

In terms of what it does--it looks best suited to the needs of those who want to share not just documents, but website clippings and other resources. If you're involved in a longterm group project, the ability to share and comment on different media uploaded to this storage space could be a big help.

The blog for this service is at The service itself is at

Part 2:

CaptureToCloud is also looking for interns to help establish their brand nationwide. It sounds like they are looking for interns to telecommute. That is, language suggests you would not need to relocate. 

I've checked with folks in our Career Counseling Center ( Stephanie Newman has said she's a little skeptical about "virtual internships," since you aren't getting face-time or a ringside seat for the way a business runs. Still, if you are interested, you may wish to contact this individual, and work with our folks at Career Center to look over the internship description.

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