Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whacking the Mole on LinkedIn

Okay, you already know that you can't just buy a copy of the newspaper (a  paper newspaper?! how retro!) and circle the want ads to be an effective job-hunter. You have to have almost a 6th sense (or in these days of inflation, a 7th sense) about when the perfect job for you will open up. That takes a new set of skills and strategies. 

It's sort of like playing "whack a mole" on LinkedIn--being poised with your little rubber mallet before the mole pops up through the hole.

Today's link offers excellent strategic advice for identifying which companies may be looking for you in their next hiring decision. Notice that the trick is not to stalk Human Resources people, or even the head honcho of the department you want to work in. Rather, it's about identifying companies, and getting in step with their flow of information and corporate culture.

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