Friday, October 26, 2012

Target Companies, Not Jobs

Should you even be applying for "jobs"? 

The blog Lifehacker (first link) has picked up a thought from Career Sherpa's blog (second link). The idea: instead of rooting around on job boards where the pickin's are slim, consider targeting a short-list of organizations you would want to work for. Network; brush up on their business model and internal culture; position yourself to know what an ideal candidate looks for before the job is posted.

Read the comments, too. There's some interesting splashback from "Cutest_Droid_Baby," who apparently has been pestered by people who want immediate results, as in "hire me now, I'm great so let's skip the application process!" 

Obviously, networking and pestering are not the same thing, although there may be a thin line between them. Know what authority your networking contact does and doesn't have before you start soliciting specific favors.

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