Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rubbish or Really Good Advice?

The Target:
The Rant:

Good Sense? Or Rubbish?

I bumped into this pair of posts in the blogosphere today. The "Target" blogger lists 10 tips for finding a job... and the "Rant" tears it to shreds (at least, some of the suggestions).

The take-away? Caveat Emptor--let the buyer beware. Know what strategies are out there for job-seekers, and then apply your common sense in deciding what you will do,and what you won't. That includes stuff you read on my blog.

I will say, though, that point #1, paying someone to write your resume, gets kind of a different answer if you're a Niagara University student. Rather than paying someone to write it for you, or struggling and wondering if what you've written on your own is good, bad or indifferent--visit the Career Center for help! It's "free"... that is, you've paid for it with your tuition money. Use it to the max!

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