Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Matching: Your Resume & your LinkedIn Profile?

Does your Resume match your LinkedIn profile? And do your Facebook, Twitter and other social media presences reflect well on your overtly-professional online materials?


Your resume is a one-page document that can pique an employer's interest in hearing more from you. One of the intermediate steps between "I got your resume" and "Won't you please come in for an interview?" might well be a hiring manager's peek at your social media presence.

As my series of links to other blogs suggests, employers want to see consistency. Your resume should be pared down and economical in wording. Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to amplify and develop that information--you can even provide clickable links to an online portfolio or "landing page," where you supply even more evidence. And your other social media sites should show you as a well-rounded person who enjoys life, has a wide range of interests... and omits your beer-pong trophies, vulgarity and similar red-flag mentions.

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