Monday, September 29, 2014

So "Who Cares?" About Service Learning?

Employers do!

Niagara University's Vincentian mission offers students lots of opportunities for service: one-off events, longer commitments, service learnings as part of coursework, and so on. 

Of course, it's great for those who are served. All of us could use a hand up (not a handout) at some point. Some have more points than others when a hand up can make a huge difference. And that's a good reason to commit to service.

But as you may already know, service is good for you, too--and for any employers lucky enough to recruit you to their teams. The blog post I've linked to today assumes its audience (students, parents, school administrators) need a refresher course on why service is good for everyone. 

I'd like to add one more audience which should get on board with these ideas: employers. When you graduate from Niagara University, you'll be looking for a job. Your prospective employer may not know why or how they should value NU's service component. This list will help you articulate what "value added" you can bring to the table as an NU degree-holder.

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