Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Go with Joe, to Guatemala Doncha Know!

Micro Study-Abroad Opportunity

Beat the winter blues, get a great conversation-starter for your resume, and learn something about the world. Dr. Joseph Little will be leading a "budget backpacking" experience to Guatemala for a week, January 11-18, 2015. Must be 21+, in decent health, and willing/able to rough it. Cost is incredibly reasonable, about $2K.

Full information on the website above. Descriptive narrative and application form in upper right of page. Or email

Update a few hours later...

Okay, Joe has so many exciting things planned that it makes my head spin. I apparently conflated a couple of trips. 

  • The one in January 2015 is for grad students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents... anybody with a connection to Niagara University, more or less.
  • There's another trip in March 2015, coinciding with NU's spring break, open to undergraduate students. 
  • And next May 2015, he's leading a group to Vietnam.
Bottom line: if you want to travel to real places, "at cost" (without a touristy price for touristy accommodations), Joe is your man.

And if you want to see proof that his educational tours are the most fun anybody has had since cotton candy was invented--see his photo album here:

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