Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EntrepreNU: You name the date!

EntrepreNU wants You!

As an exciting way to showcase its Vincentian heritage, Niagara University will be rolling out a program for students to compete for a $10,000 grant to address hunger issues in the Niagara Falls area. You’ll be hearing more about the EntrepreNU2015 Competition in months to come.

As support for students, Jim Wardlaw and his colleagues from Stitch Brand and Culture have agreed to serve as guest speaker-mentors to any group of students interested in taking this challenge. A meeting time for groups can be arranged between September 29 and October 17, providing an introduction to creative and innovative thinking for everyone (not just business students!)

There will also be a larger workshop in a month or so where Jim and his associates walk you through the process of entrepreneurial innovation. (Details TBA)

Get a jump on this challenging competition! Set up a time for Jim to come visit with any group of students (class, club, or just a bunch of interested folks) by emailing EntrepreNU@niagara.edu.

More info:

  • Find out more about EntrepreNU2015 on Friday, Sept. 24, 2 p.m. in the LLGallagher Multipurpose Room

Extra bonus points: You may feel like you have "no time" to participate in this challenge.

But consider dropping in anyway. This looks like a great opportunity to start wrapping your head around how the world of business works--check out the EOS tab on Stitch Brand and Culture's website.

I'd never heard of EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® --but it looks like something that could be very useful to know about as you seek your place in the world of careers.

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