Monday, September 8, 2014

No Clones, Please: Leveraging your Middle Name

According to this article, using your middle initial as part of your professional identity can make you seem smarter. When you put your name in bold type at the top of your resume with an initial between your first name and surname, employers might perceive you as a stronger candidate than if you left the initial out.

A middle initial (or a middle name) can also help you control the results a prospective employer receives when Googling you. Especially if you have a fairly common combination of first and last names, you want to be sure the search results are really about you--and not about a sleazebag with your name. At best, an employer might become irritated having to figure out which results are about you, and which are about your clones. At worst, an employer might mistake the sleazebag the person who applied for the job (you), and dump that application in the garbage.

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