Monday, September 22, 2014

Go to Grad School or Not?

There are good reasons to take a master's degree or even a Ph.D. after you've graduated from college. There is also a whole raft of really, really bad reasons.

'Tis the season for colleges and universities to be pitching... to start their fishing expeditions for fall 2015. They've got smiling representatives, glossy brochures, and a pen that is really a whiz-bang piece of technology as "swag" (the giveaway imprinted with the school's logo). And they've got their own bottom lines to consider.

Before you get serious about doing a graduate degree, read links like the ones I've posted today... and treat them as the tip of the iceberg they are meant to be. Talk with people--your family, your professors, the Niagara University career center, and people who hold jobs that you want to have 10 years from now. 

Make a real decision about whether more school is good for you based on thoughtful assessment about what it will and will not get you.

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