Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tweak your Resume(s)

Where did we get the idea that job-seekers should print off a ream of resumes (500 sheets), on expensive bond paper? The blog post I've linked to today reminded me of the Dark Ages, when we rolled a sheet of paper into our typewriters, and prayed we wouldn't need too much White-Out correction fluid. Yeah--I do remember that!

Maybe you don't. But we all have access to computers and printers now. We have the luxury of tailoring each resume to a specific job. Use that luxury! 

There's also some good advice on making that process of tweaking and tailoring as pain-free as possible. After all, you don't need to start each resume from scratch. Instead, keep a file of each resume, so you can pull up one from a similar job application and make only a few changes.

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