Friday, September 26, 2014

Delayed Gratification

Just seen a "perfect-for-you" job ad? Don't apply just yet!

Some good advice in the blog post linked above. If you see an ad for the absolutely, positively perfect job, one you have been hoping would turn up just as you're ready to graduate and look forward to becoming fully employed--stop. 

If the first thing you do is fire off your all-purpose resume and cover letter, you've squandered a valuable opportunity to do more digging. Remember, you won't get any job, ever, by writing about how great you are and how much stuff you can do. Rather, you'll get interest (and hopefully the job) by describing what you can do for the organization--by carefully matching up your skills and talents with the needs of the employer.

So even though a job advertisement makes you shiver all over, take some time to research the company, network through LinkedIn, and fine-tune your resume and cover letter. Delaying your own gratification in responding to the perfect job ad may give you the longer gratification of actually getting the job.

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