Friday, June 1, 2012

Your Own, Free Email Account

Here's a "Cool Tool" description which raises a good point. If you are a college student who has been using your college-supplied email address, at some point you will probably be cut off from service. You'll graduate; you may get to hang on to your address depending on school policies, but likely not forever; and people who want to connect with you will eventually "bounce." You will also have to change your contact info on all your social media accounts, since your email is always required to establish an identity.

You can migrate; the description for this tool suggests it's inexpensive and easy to use. 

You can also do some pre-planning. Establish an email account with a free service, independent of your school email account. There are options with various ISPs (internet service providers) like Verizon, AOL, etc.--but remember that if you stop paying or want to pay someone else, you'll be cut off there, too.

I like Google's gmail; there are others including Yahoo out there. Whatever you choose, you should have the option to set your mail from the free account to send a duplicate to your new school or work account if you like--so you're not always having to check multiple in-boxes. 

Establishing a separate email account that you can keep indefinitely also allows you the option for privacy. Some employers do not permit you to conduct personal business on your organization-issued computer. Some employers also take advantage of their legal right to read any and all material that comes through their servers or ends up on their hardware.

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