Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post B.A. DIY Study Abroad

I love the "Cool Tools" blog--always some interesting stuff. Found this link to a book (and description) which might be of interest to those who have graduated (or will soon). The book title pretty much says it all: Work Your Way Around the World.

From the Cool Tools blog: "Most of these kind of books are a bunch of hand-waving generalities, or out of date particulars; this one is very specific and very current. It is massively researched, with tons of incoming gossip on where the easily-gotten jobs are this year, and what to do about paperwork and visas in that particular place, and how to land the job, and what you should expect, and letters from those who just did it. It's all very helpful, practical and inspiring."

I cannot personally vouch for the book, but I can vouch for the site on which I found it. If you are feeling sad about the economic situation today, in a holding pattern, and not in enough of a rush to get a job flipping burgers, something like this might be just the ticket--a sort of do it yourself (DIY), on-the-fly internship mashup with study abroad.

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