Monday, June 11, 2012

Resumes, the Lighter Side

Can an unusually formatted resume get you a job? Well--the jury is out on that one. But apparently unusual resumes can help you get an interview... if only because someone in HR department feels you might be an amusing person to talk with, and is willing to "pay" for the entertainment by spending an hour with you.

Here's a gallery of resumes formatted as movie posters, Google search results, Facebook pages, and stuff which I can't even begin to name with one or two words. 

Comments on this blog-page aren't all approving. HR folks seemed a little annoyed. One pointed out the resume couldn't be scanned, presumably by one of those dreadful ATS (applicant tracking system) packages. But maybe that's the point--to get a human being to look at your resume, rather than a machine.

Then again--if you're going to offer up something as bizarre as these samples, (1) make sure the job you're seeking is for a creative type; and (2) make sure that you know the basic principles of design, because something that has even a whiff of "amateur" about it could look really, really bad.

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