Monday, June 25, 2012

Grammar Counts!

Thanks to Betty Andropolis, an English alum from Niagara University, for this post! Betty sent me a link to this article, deploring the state of English usage in the workplace. It appears in The Wall Street Journal--about as serious a publication as you can get.

When you go on job interviews and people ask you what you can do with an English major--here's some fodder for your answer. You can keep your foot out of your mouth, and the organization's collective foot out of its collective mouth.

If you think proper grammar doesn't matter: people notice. In fact, I've seen advertisements on TV, billboards and the like that so irk me I will look up the company and leave anonymous voicemails correcting the grammar. Bah! Needless to say, if an organization cannot get interested enough in its image to proofread for grammar, I won't be shopping there.

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