Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Resume refresher

A good refresher on how to get your resume read, rather than deep-sixed.

I'd like to suggest a few more ideas, as someone who has scanned my share of resumes:
  • Don't use ultra-fancy paper. It's a waste. Obviously, don't use cheap garbage paper that's grey and flimsy. But a good all-purpose copy paper is fine. Most of the materials I get on paper, I scan anyway and keep in pdf format. Easier to share that way too, without deforesting the world.
  • Format simply. Stick to Word, or rtf if you don't have Word. Avoid playing with typography in email attachments, as very often the recipient's copy will look like a disaster. 
  • If you want to send pdf, be aware that recipient's computer may mess up your formatting if you simply do a "save as pdf." Again, format simply.
  • Leave white space. Yes, I know you want to get every scrap of your marvelousness on paper, but when you use 1/4 inch margins and a teensy-tiny typeface, it's devilish hard for us over-40s folks to read, and it looks cluttered, unprofessional.

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