Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop Twiddling Your Thumbs

If you're twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the Job of your Dreams to fall into your lap--well, you know better than that. But there are bound to be lulls, quiet times, when you've networked yourself blue in the face, filled out so many online applications you want to scream, and just need a break.

Here's a solid list of 100 strategies, mindsets, points to ponder, tools (with embedded links) to help you find something new. It's a varied enough list that you're sure to find something both productive and novel to try.

Confession: I was contacted by someone who works on this blog, who recommended that I cross-post a link to this article. The site hosting the blog is commercial, offering to guide you to online colleges. However, as with everything I post here--I've personally looked through the offerings, and find plenty of good, free content on offer.

And a bonus: here's another blog entry from the same location, published about a month ago, offering a curated list of LinkedIn groups for those who want to be writers, editors, or somehow involved in wordsmithing as a way of putting bread on the table:

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