Friday, June 8, 2012

Event: Online Job Fair

Mashable and Brazen Careerist Blog are co-sponsoring an online job fair for digital jobs. Here's the blurb from Mashable:

"The event, created in partnership with Brazen Careerist, will take place on July 31 and consist of a 3-hour online career fair where employers from New York to Washington, D.C. can interact with professionals looking for positions in areas like social media marketing, product management, web development, content creation and more."

Okay, all you students who sit there in my classes with your texting devices. Yes, I've asked you not to. Yes, I know you've been cagey about hiding your Crackberry/iPhone/whatnot under the desk, or that you've told me you're taking notes with your laptop open on your desk, when you're really checking Facebook. YOU.

I know that William Faulkner can't hold a candle next to the latest viral video... and that you've got to send the link to your 20,000 best friends. If this sounds like you--you might be looking at a lead to your perfect job! (Hey, I had my vices as an undergrad... although they hadn't invented social media by that point.)

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