Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tech tools and strategies


More tech stuff for the job hunt, and three interesting strategies.

First, emailing your network. Hmm. On the one hand, isn't this what LinkedIn and Facebook-like resources are for? On the other hand--maybe your network has people who don't check their social media often. Those of us with lots of work on our plates are often the very people who avoid social media like the plague and time-drain it can become. My 2 cents' worth: don't bombard people if you use this strategy.

Second, smart-phone apps. LinkUp looks promising; I haven't used it, but if it does what this blogger says, worth a look-see. PocketResume? Well--perhaps. But another strategy is to have your resume on a Google page with a link ready to go for anyone who inquires. And Google docs is free.

Finally, a utility for your browser, with integration for various phases of the job search... so that you're not finally keeping notes on shreds of paper stuffed into your wallet. It does make sense to have one go-to location for all your job-hunting info; whether Huntsy, the product described here, is your best choice, or whether something more generic like Evernote will suit you better--that's for you to decide.

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