Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing careers in science

Here’s an upcoming event you might want to attend. Yes, yes, I know it’s from the sciences. But some of the stuff this guy is working on sound interesting — and  part of his comments at this lecture will be about writing... and getting paid for it. So if you’re interested in writing about science, or just interested in writing, it might be something to consider attending! Sent to me from Mark Gallo, to share with you.

 Bioinformatics Seminar Series Speaker
From Middleport to Mars:
The Life and Times of an Astrobiologist/Writer

Wednesday December 7th, 12:20 pm, 126 DePaul Hall

Barry E. Di Gregorio
Honorary Research Fellow
Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology

Barry E. DiGregorio’s scientific interests include the study of the geology, geomicrobiology and history of the Great Lakes region in the United States and Canada. Barry also studies ichnology – a science which combines the study of dissolution cavities left behind by organisms along with their tracks, trails and burrows.

Barry also has a personal and professional interest in search for life on Mars. His writings about this subject can be found in many popular science magazines and scientific journals along with his two books, Mars The Living Planet (1997) and The Microbes of Mars (2011).

Barry has also served as an astroenvironmental activist for over 12 years and is Director of ICAMSR ( <>) an organization dedicated to raising concerns about proper spacecraft sterilization, sample return missions from Mars and international space law pertaining to forward and back contamination of celestial bodies.

This seminar series is a part of the Thomas Morton Lectureship generously supported by Dr. John J. Hughes, 1967 alum.

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