Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emotional Literacy

Interesting post for the holiday season, and the coming Boxing Day crunch. With the development of the internet, it's become relatively easy for people to gain "financial literacy." Any topic, from basic budgeting and credit card interest, to esoteric stock market maneuvers, can be had for a few clicks of the mouse (or on tablets, flicks of the finger).

But this article suggests that knowing how money works (or does not work) in your favor is simply not the problem. Rather, we all (from individuals to global collective) need to have an understanding of how our emotions drive the way we handle money. 

There are a few tips about starting to get a handle on that topic in the article, and a few good links worth pursuing. I doubt that any single source can give a "one size fits all" quick fix. But thinking about this angle might help you plan for your future, taking your own individual needs and motivations into account.

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