Friday, December 9, 2011

Networking for the Holidays

Some interesting thoughts on networking! (There’s a good link at the bottom of this page to an expanded article.)

(1)  Wear something weird. Okay, take this with a grain of salt. Wearing a light-up Santa hat at a party isn’t a bad thing. But of course, if you’re in a really formal setting (like an on-campus job fair), your idea of “something wierd” might be toned down—a bright handkerchief square in your suit’s breast pocket for gents, or a small splash of color on a scarf or a purse for ladies.

(2) Say hi. Because if everybody is standing around looking like high school freshmen at their First Big Dance—you’re not the only one to worry about approaching others. Even us old folks who should know better sometimes feel awkward breaking the ice—so your willingness to extend a hand to shake, and make some small talk (ask a question—other people love to talk about themselves!) will likely be welcome.

(3) Inject personality into your business cards. What!? You don’t have business cards!?? Maybe that’s something to ask Santa for, or a place to spend some of the cash that comes your way during the holidays. When in doubt about when and how to gracefully use a business card, watch others in action, and start out by handing out your first card in response to an incoming card. Exactly what to put on a business card might be a good post for another day!

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