Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Power User Tips, E-Networks 

Here’s an interiew with Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President, Products & User Experience at LinkedIn. He offers three solid tips to those new to the job search for using LinkedIn, and other networks as well, both face to face and virtual. 

There’s also an intriguing new “app for that” linked and briefly described here: BeKnown, built by (the huge job-search engine) on the Facebook platform. (The logo is a cutesy bee, carrying a briefcase!) The app came out in October 2011 for Apple’s iOS, available in iTunes; it’s also available for Android. 

I’m always leery of hype surrounding brand new e-services. To gain traction, any startup has to promise the world... two years from now, will the service still be there? But I do have to say that BeKnown’s piggybacking on Facebook, and this reference from a VP of a known “mover and shaker” company (LinkedIn), suggest that it might be worth your time to explore.

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