Saturday, December 24, 2011

Three keys

The job market right now stinks--this article starts with some statistics saying as much. Policy and economic wonks have a variety of ideas about why: CEO pay and tax loopholes are increasing the gap between the 1% and the 99%; computers are doing the jobs people used to do in increasing numbers; the west is falling behind other global sectors...

But if there is a magic bullet for you, as an individual job seeker, here's the formula: three proven keys. 

Key 1: As a Niagara University college student, you still have the time, energy and resources (our wonderful Career Counseling folks) to research companies' and industries' wish-lists of skills. 

Key 2: You have a university brimming full of opportunities to intern, serve and volunteer, finding ways to gain the experience that will give you the edge. 

Key 3: You have the advantage of job fairs, on-campus recruiters, and a variety of friends and organizations on campus that will let you jump-start your networking efforts.

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