Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Underpublicized minor for English majors

Here’s a thought: a minor in Web Design. This relatively new minor was approved just in time to make it to page 159 of your Niagara University catalog for 2011-2013. If you’d prefer to see it on the web, note that it does not have its own page. You can find it at ... scroll down to the second minor, “Web Design Minor.” Here’s what you’ll see, in addition to a list of required courses:
The minor in web design is an interdisciplinary program that will require study in writing, communication media and computer and information sciences. It requires the completion of six courses. Students wishing to pursue the minor in web design should contact the coordinator, Dr. Mark Barner, in the department of communication studies, or Dr. Erin Karper in the English department, or Dr. Suzanne Wagner in the department of computer and information sciences.
If you have any flair for visual design, and if you have the kinds of skills that an English major possesses to start (and cultivates to a finely-honed point), then this minor could very well open up some fascinating career options. You do not have to be a math genius or computer programmer to do well in this field!

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