Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Internship Resources

The English Department would love to have each and every student work in an internship before graduation! These are unpaid jobs that allow you a taste of the working world—you can earn college credit for an internship (see your advisor)—it’s a terrific line on your resume! But how to find one?

There are some listings on the NU Career Development website (although the link on their front page is broken — go to <http://www.niagara.edu/career-internships> to get to the right place, or call the Career Development office for additional help.

However, I’ve found a link to an online resource that (as of this writing) has 16 positions in the western NY area, some of which would be a good match for an English major:

“We have one of the largest selections of paid internships anywhere with a focus on amazing business internships and hard-to-find non-profit positions.... Over 70% of college interns are offered full-time jobs after completing their summer internships.“

It seems legit; the employer pays for the listing; students do not pay to use it. Whether or not you get an internship through this site, it also seems to have some thoughtful resources: how to find an internship, cover letters, and so on.

As with any online (or face to face) service, buyer beware. Here’s a not-so-sanguine discussion about how some companies are abusing the unpaid internship concept, by getting students to work at stuff that does not expose them to any genuine career-oriented activities, but instead requires them to file papers, fetch coffee, and act as minimum-wage flunkies (without, of course, paying anything at all):

“Unpaid Interns: Real World Work Or Just Free Labor?”

You have to click through a number of pages to read this article, but it’s a worthwhile primer on what not to accept.

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