Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Business cards for job-seekers

A few days ago, I suggested you might consider asking Santa (or the Festivus Spirit) for some business cards for Christmas. But what to put on them?

Above is a good link to get you started thinking. This article recommends using a photo--there is some extensive discussion about whether to include the photo, in the comments below the original article.

I'd also add: be sure the card contains information that will remain current for several years after your original printing. There's no point in giving out cards that will lead to a "dead end" in a few months if someone tries to contact you.

Use Google Voice, and learn to tap it into your cellphone if you are considering changing carriers and contracts. Use an email address that won't evaporate when you cease being enrolled at NU, and learn how to get your email forwarded from your personal account to any other business or school accounts you may later open so you don't miss anything.

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