Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's in YOUR subject line?


Good point, great title! "If This Article Were an Email, Chances Are You Wouldn’t Open It." 

Email is killing productivity; read more about it here: http://quickbase.intuit.com/blog/2013/02/25/email-is-killing-productivity-study-finds/. Even without the spam, scam and pfishing--the obviously illicit stuff--we get too much email. It's death by a thousand papercuts. I get stuff from book publishers urging me that I must adopt their textbook; from speakers' bureaus insisting that the people they promote are essential for me to invite on campus; from professional organizations telling me they have resolved all my questions on teaching... I throw out 3/4 of it unopened.

If you're trying to get the attention of a hiring manager, consider how to get your email opened. The article at "Social Media Today" is pitched to those organizations trying to sell or promote something (to my wry amusement--as I keep trying screen those out of my "must read" pile). 

What's in your subject line? Does it avoid puffery, but still offer the reader a good reason to click open? Does it at the vey least give some clue to why you're writing? 

If a hiring manager spends 6 seconds reviewing your resume before making a decision to keep or trash--then that same person spends about 0.5 seconds deciding whether to keep or trash your email. Use your split second judiciously.

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