Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You aren't a Robot

The first link above tells you how to avoid being replaced by a robot. It lists four major skills and capacities human beings have that no robot can touch--and that robots are unlikely to touch within this century. Coincidentally, these are all areas in which English majors can and should excel. These are also qualities you should be promoting in any job interview or resume for work that does not involve asking "would you like fries with that?"

The second link offers tips on networking, one of the strongest strategies in your job-seeking arsenal--and a particularly interesting website with a way to locate specific networking opportunities:

I visited 99Events and plugged in "networking" and "Buffalo, NY." I was impressed with the number of events this engine returned. Mind you, not all of them are labeled "you can get a job if you attend this event." Some were irrelevant--singles aged 40 to 50 playing laser tag? feng shui for entrepreneurs?!

But others looked promising, with a big dash of fun mixed in, like the organization MoMondays at They describe themselves as "a cross between open mic comedy and TED Talks, but with professional speakers and other great people like you with a story to share."

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