Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"No Experience": How to Respond

Something many traditional-age college students will have in mind as they head out to seek a first Real Job is that they have no experience. Here is a good posting on ways to remedy the issue. If you have not had a chance to get an internship, be aware that this is the gold standard for showing employers that you are motivated and capable. (And of course, get your internship supervisor at the place of business primed to give references, either within his or her company, or beyond.)

Niagara University also prides itself on service opportunities, and requires some service in exchange for various clubs, activities, and even for graduation. Find a way to shape your service activities to connect to your desired career path. When you're presented with a service moment, ask if there is something related to "X" (your desired career). In any event, keep a detailed listing of hours and responsibilities, and cultivate mentors and recommenders, at the service events in which you participate. Consider going above and beyond the requirements--our folks in the Service Learning liaison offices will be only too happy to help!

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