Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ace your interview!

Well--this article's title--"The Surefire Way To Ace Your Job Interview"--sounds a trifle easier than it turns out to be. The article (actually, an interview) has solid advice. Be forewarned, that pinnacle goal of "acing" means you have to know your own abilities thoroughly, be able to present that self-knowledge in a compelling way, and have those abilities fit in with the employer's (perceived) needs. 

I put "perceived" in parentheses because sometimes employers don't actually know what they really want until they hire it. So your job gets even more difficulty--you have to figure out what the employer thinks he or she needs, and to have a happy job fit, you have to figure out what the employer actually needs, and you have to figure out whether you have both of those to offer!

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