Monday, January 23, 2012

"No Experience"--more thoughts

I wrote about the “no experience” perception you might have as you write a resume. Here’s a link with more information—essentialy questions and memory-joggers to help you think about what you have done that counts. Did you gain experience and skills doing it? did you offer a valuable contribution doing it? Then even if you didn’t get paid for it, you might consider putting it on your resume.

Two places I disagree with this writer, near the end of the article:

#1, the advice that you shouldn’t limit yourself to a one-page resume. There are times when you need more room. But pare to the bone and format carefully. Don’t let wordiness or careless formatting (typeface size, spacing, etc.) give you permission to break the rule. In other words—don’t put one page’s worth of material on two pages.

#2, the suggestion you pay someone to work with you on your resume. Yes, I agree that the investment may be worthwhile... but as a college student, you have already paid for a small army of proofreaders, second-opinion givers, and so on. Use what you’ve already paid for!

All the best — Jeanne Laurel

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