Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why haven't I heard back? Email


I gotta love the article at this link. For one thing, it’s funny—in a dark kind of way. For another thing—it’s really something that made me think of myself. There are days when I’ve had 100 incoming emails. After I weed out the 50% that don’t add anything to my life (sales pitches, some legit, and others not), I may still have 50 emails that need personal attention. Some are urgent, some will be urgent if I don’t follow through quickly.... so some emails get pushed to the end of the queue.

It’s good perspective on what may be happening when you’re waiting to hear back from someone to whom you sent a resume. This information might shape your understanding of you should assume “all is lost” or not. Usually, not.

For those of us who get many, many emails, there are a lot of blogs out there, advising us how to manage the sheer volume of email, and how to keep it for turning into a bone-crushing drain on getting any real work done. There are various systems; one that’s been around for a while is GTD, “getting things done,” and “43 folders”--you can google these terms. The point is, assume the person on the receiving end is having a very busy day (week, month), and find a way to follow up gently. At this stage in your life, you may see lots of incoming emails as exciting opportunities to connect socially. Some of us, however, groan when we see lots of email.

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