Thursday, January 26, 2012

Front-burner job search

This article is about how and why to keep your job-search activities on the front burner. There are some good thoughts here! Let me amplify some of them:

Article point #2, going door to door: Okay, that would make some sense if you’re headed to small or even medium sized businesses. But it’s more than likely even medium sizers have buffers—people who intercept you before you can connect with anyone with authority to hire, or even think about hiring. If you find yourself having to drop off a resume and cover letter at a reception desk—consider writing a personal note in a corner of your document, indicating that you’ve left it with [insert receptionist name here]. Also, don’t be shy about asking who to call for follow-up, and actually doing the follow-up phone call.

Article point #4, LinkedIn: You not only get “connected” to people who might know someone who knows someone—but you also get industry tidbits and useful info. There are groups you can join on LinkedIn that will up your IQ about what’s happening that might help you position yourself in a more hire-able light.

Article point #5, Resume on line: Well, why not? You don’t need fancy web-hosting or special skills. In fact, I’m doing this blog on the cheap and with fairly basic computing skills. You can save your document as a pdf (any word processing document these days can handle such a “save as” request). Then, set up a Google account, access Google documents, and upload your resume. You will have to indicate that you want to “share” the document... if this isn’t enough info, let me know and I can walk you through.

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