Friday, December 5, 2014

Get Purple, Catch Fire!!!

Okay, my headline is tongue in cheek; but so is the logo of Monty Eagle carrying his briefcase.

As I mentioned recently, I signed up for a "Purple Briefcase" account with Niagara University's always-innovative and fun Office of Career Services ( I just got an email that says if I work at completing my profile--get 30 purple points--I'll be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon tablet. 

Matthew Abrantes ( says it's easy to do within 15 minutes or so... Or if you are starting out from absolute scratch, maybe 30 minutes.

The contest drawing will be held in spring 2015, so you might spend a few minutes over the holiday break as part of your ongoing job-seeking "to-do" checklist. You can even ask the folks at the Career Center for help (716.286.8500).

Remember, you don't have to be a graduating senior to benefit from a Purple Briefcase. The earlier you sign up, the more comfortable you'll be with what's there, how to use it, and how to build your job-getting skills.

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