Monday, December 15, 2014

Your Most Important Networking Resource

You can find quotes about what percent of jobs are located by networking. Numbers vary... but they are always well above 50%. (Like, 75% or 80%.) So if you're churning away at online job-boards--why are your spending so much of your precious time on something with a far less frequent payout than networking?

Remember: one of the most valuable networking resources is one you've paid for with your tuition money: your Career Services center! Here is where you can find

  • On-campus recruiting and career fairs
  • Employer networking events
  • Information about internships, speakers on campus, and other goodies
  • College networks through LinkedIn, with prospective employers, industry groups and alumni
  • Coaching and preparation for networking events tailored to your strengths and goals
Make one of your New Year's Resolutions (one you don't break!) to become a frequent visitor at NU's Career Services center. Start by dropping into their office the first day back from winter break.

Thanks and a tip of the Twitter hat to @blogging4jobs!

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