Monday, December 8, 2014

The ATS Black Hole, Demystified

Chances are, a robot will decide whether your resume is worthy of human eyes. Or not.

More and more employers depend on an ATS, an "Applicant Tracking System": a computer with a red pencil. It scans your resume to find out whether you have the credentials, skills and experience to be considered for the job.

That's unsettling. Are we really supposed to "welcome our new computer overlords," as Ken Jennings quipped when he lost a Jeopardy face-off to super-computer Watson on Jan. 15, 2011?

Maybe, maybe not. 

After all, which would you rather have reading your resume and deciding whether you look like a good candidate: a computer, or a tired human who has already scanned 100 resumes before yours?

Here are two succinct articles on what you can do to make your resume "speak computerese," and avoid the black hole.

Thanks and a tip o' the Twitter hat to @hrbartender and @CareerAddict!

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