Friday, December 12, 2014

Win a trip with Nicholas Kristof!

Love reading my NY Times Sunday paper... it spends the week in a place of honor in my living room (until the next Sunday, when I have to do a clean sweep because a new issue has arrived). This week, "Gifts that Inspire," by Nicholas Kristof, has the annual list of good charities that do a whole lot of good with lots of bang for the buck:

Also, at the end of the article, this notice:

It’s also time to announce my next annual win-a-trip contest, in which I take a university student with me on a reporting trip to the developing world. The winner will write posts for my blog on the New York Times website. I’ve been holding the win-a-trip contest since 2006, and one former winner, Mitch Smith, is now a Times reporter.

One possible destination for our 2015 trip is Congo; another is India and Nepal. Information about the contest and how to apply is at my blog, As before, the Center for Global Development in Washington will screen applications and pick finalists. I’m looking for a smart undergraduate or graduate student with great storytelling skills who wants to help shine a light on neglected issues and doesn’t mind bedbugs or warlords. Please pass the word if you know just the candidate.

Talk about service learning!

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